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Our Mission

To develop and commercialize novel nanomedicines for the treatment of chronic diseases.

The NanoMedicine Cluster*

To develop and commercialize new nanomedicines for chronic diseases NMC integrates

  • Small companies and academic researchers
  • Pre-clinical and clinical product development
  • Basic and applied research in chemistry, biology and medicine
  • Biotechnology (BT) and information technology (IT)

The NanoMedicine Cluster (formerly known as the Vaccine Therapy Cluster) is built around a novel topical DermaVir Patch nanomedicine platform technology. It has been transferred from the USA to Hungary to further optimize the technology and to develop new nanomedicines for HIV/AIDS, allergy and atherosclerosis. The partners of Hungarian NMC are innovative biotech companies and experts from universities, hospitals and academic institutions. The activities of the Hungarian partners are enhanced by foreign collaborators from biotech companies, hospitals, institutions, universities specialized in different fields like clinical trials, regulatory affairs, intellectual properties, basic and clinical immunology, data management, ISO quality management and much more. Genetic Immunity has provided the core nanomedicine platform technology through its Hungarian

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founder, Prof. Julianna Lisziewicz. Prof. Lisziewicz has been leading the DermaVir Patch development from the concept to the clinic and she has been taken the responsibility to coordinate the scientific and business activities of the NMC. The market-oriented activities of the cluster presently target product development for unmet medical needs like HIV/AIDS, atherosclerosis, allergy. NMC is an open cluster and will expand to develop effective medicines for the treatment of emerging infectious diseases and cancers. The ambitious goal of Genetic Immunity, the core company in the NMC, is to bring the first nanomdeicine therapy against HIV/AIDS to the market and become a globally competitive player in the new nanomedicine biopharmaceutical industry. Genetic Immunity's first topical nanomedicine product, the DermaVir Patch, is presently under clinical evaluation in the USA and EU.

*Formerly known as the Vacine Therapy Cluster (VTC)

2009.04.18. AIDS: Therapeutic vaccine "in four or five years"
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2008.12.06. Reuters - Nobel winner sees end to AIDS spread within years
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A French scientist who shared this year's Nobel prize for medicine said on Saturday he believed the transmission of AIDS could be eliminated within years... full article of Reuters


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